Are We Excited About God?

The following message was presented by Mike Lucas before the Lord’s Supper on Sunday, October 4, 2015.
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In recent weeks, it’s been nearly impossible to watch any news without seeing something about the pope’s visit to America. Now, as nice as it is to see our country focused on something morally good for a change, it’s still sad to see so many thousands of people become caught up in the idea of this one man being any more holy than any other Christian. Yet, it makes me wonder, how different would this world be if it would ALWAYS focus this much on issues of faith.
What if this same zeal and excitement we have seen on TV for the pope could be harnessed into building up Gods New Testament church? How different would the world look in just one week… a month… a year… a decade? God, OUR Father, may not walk among us as a man via the pope, but He is still here.
So what WOULD it take for the world to get this “pope level” of excitement for the REAL Father in Heaven? Well, I believe the very first step would be for His CHURCH, the body, YOU and I, to get excited ourselves before we can convince others to be excited. When was the last time you were as EXCITED for God as the Catholics we’ve seen on television have been for their pope?
So maybe we should ask ourselves… ARE we excited for God? We want to THINK we are, don’t we? But what evidence is there of your excitement? If you were face to face with God this morning, what are some examples that you could use to show God, to prove to God, how excited you are?
Excited that He is with you every day!
Excited that He is here in the midst of us right now!
Excited that He is allowing us to partake in the Lord’s Supper with Him!
I believe with all my heart that He is here with us now! Are you EXCITED?
I also believe if God were to open our eyes to the spiritual world right now, we would be amazed and speechless at what we would see. Just like in the book of Kings, when Elisha prayed to open their eyes and they saw the hills lined with armies of chariots of fire (no doubt with angels at the helm), I believe if God were to open our eyes likewise, we would see the walls and the ceiling lined up shoulder to shoulder with angels. Standing among us right now, singing these very songs and ministering to us as we pray, just as they did with Jesus.
If you could see all that, would THAT help you be more excited for God? What if, instead of flaunting His angels to get us excited, or driving around the streets in a pope mobile, He sent His son to die for you and me so that we can have ETERNAL life in Heaven with Him? Shouldn’t that be all we need to GET excited and STAY excited for God?
He is here right now my friends! So what SHOULD we say to Him? Maybe we should say something like…
Father, we have a group of Your children here. Some of us are still newborns needing milk, some have grown a little and are on soft food, and some are ready for the meat of Your Word, but we are all ONE in the SAME spirit, as Your children.
Father, we can’t thank You enough that after we take baths in sin all week, You still let us come and have this supper with You. We’re sorry Father that You CLEARLY made us to stand out in this world, and yet we spend all of our time trying to fit in.
We’re sorry that we seem to always find the time to get excited for the things WE want to do, but never have enough time, money, or energy left to do what YOU have asked of us. We’re sorry when we don’t appreciate all the things You have invested in us and the talents You have blessed us with… and we waste it serving ourselves.
It must be so hard for You to look at us and see such a waste of potential in our lives. How can we ever repay You for Your patience with us when the only thing You ask of us is to love You and put You FIRST, but all we give You is leftovers. Father, why can’t we LET ourselves just be loved the way You want to love us? Why isn’t that LOVE enough to keep us excited about You?
Thank You for giving us a plan of salvation so that we can come home in the end! Thank You for Jesus! We love You and we ARE excited to call You our Heavenly Father!

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  1. Kevin Reynolds says:

    Great message Mike and thanks for sharing. We have a great God who loved us enough to send His only Son to die on tbe cross in our place that we might live eternally in heaven with Him. Now that’s something to be EXCITED about!

  2. Sharon Burns says:

    I always appreciate Mike’s remarks at the Lord’s table. Thanks for putting it here as a reminder for us.

  3. What’s up, just wanted to say, I loved this article.

  4. eebest8 back says:

    “Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.”

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