Are We Excited About God?

The following message was presented by Mike Lucas before the Lord’s Supper on Sunday, October 4, 2015.
woman excited
In recent weeks, it’s been nearly impossible to watch any news without seeing something about the pope’s visit to America. Now, as nice as it is to see our country focused on something morally good for a change, it’s still sad to see so many thousands of people become caught up in the idea of this one man being any more holy than any other Christian. Yet, it makes me wonder, how different would this world be if it would ALWAYS focus this much on issues of faith.
What if this same zeal and excitement we have seen on TV for the pope could be harnessed into building up Gods New Testament church? How different would the world look in just one week… a month… a year… a decade? God, OUR Father, may not walk among us as a man via the pope, but He is still here.
So what WOULD it take for the world to get this “pope level” of excitement for the REAL Father in Heaven? Well, I believe the very first step would be for His CHURCH, the body, YOU and I, to get excited ourselves before we can convince others to be excited. When was the last time you were as EXCITED for God as the Catholics we’ve seen on television have been for their pope?